how to buy

Go to PancakeSwap

how to buy

Go to PancakeSwap

Step – by – Step

Step 1 – Setup Your wallet

Install Metamask on your browser or mobile device. Remember to keep your phrase secret, never share it or make it public.


Step 2 – Connect to Binance Smart Chain

Inside Metamask, go to Settings > Network > Add a new Network and fill in the following information:

– Network Name: Smart Chain
– New RPC URL:
– ChainID: 56
– Currency Symbol: BNB
– Block Explorer URL:

Step 3 – Add Octans to your Wallet

Make sure you are now on the Binance Network and on the main page of Metamask. Click “Add Custom Token” and paste Octans Contract Address.

Contract Address: 0x86c3e4ffacdb3af628ef985a518cd6ee22a22b28

Step 4 – Charge your wallet to buy Octans

Now send your BNBs from Binance to your Wallet , and your wallet address will be visible on the Metamask dashboard. Once you have your BNB available into your Metamask you are ready to buy Octans.

Step 5 – PancakeSwap

To swap octans you need to headover to PancakeSwap and connect your wallet.

Step 6 – Set Slippage

Select the Gear Icon and set Slippage to 8%-10% (Fee for $OCTA contract, 4% redistributed for holders, 4% to Liquidity.

Step 7 – Hit Swap!

Click Swap and confirm the transaction through Metamask Dialog.


You are now a Certified Octanaut and your balance of Octans should be visible on main window of MetaMask!